Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon virtual assistants are crucial for supporting sellers on the platform. They meticulously manage product listings, optimizing titles, descriptions, and keywords to boost visibility and sales. Additionally, they monitor pricing strategies to ensure profitability. They oversee the implementation of coupons, deals, promotions and skillfully handle PPC campaigns, maximizing visibility, profitability and market share. In essence, their contributions are vital for the success and growth of sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Ad Console

Our virtual assistants leverage Amazon Ad Console to enhance your advertising strategies.
From campaign setup to performance analysis, we optimize ads for maximum impact,
driving sales and boosting your brand’s visibility on Amazon.

Sponsored Products

These are product-targeted ads that appear in search results and on product detail pages. Sellers bid on keywords and pay when a customer clicks on their ad, Otherwise Impression does not cut Cost.

Sponsored Brands

Also known as headline search ads, these ads feature a brand logo and multiple products. They appear at the top of search results pages and are designed to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

Sponsored Display

Advertising opportunities empower sellers to effectively exhibit their products to potential customers across multiple platforms, including, the Amazon mobile application, and various online channels.


Amazon PPC targeting allows precise ad display to tailored customer segments on Amazon's site and apps. This encompasses audience and demographic targeting, like age, gender, & location, ensuring optimal product exposure to relevant audiences.

Case Study

In just two years, this Extension Cord brand surged to one of the top 5 market leaders, witnessing remarkable growth in Spend, Sales, and Brand share. Consistent breakthroughs propelled their annual profits, marking an exceptional ascent on Amazon, securing their status as a dominant force in the market.


• Full-time Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant.


•  300+ Products Managed.

  • • Full Funnel Advertising set up with 2000+ campaigns with regular optimizations.
  • • 103% Sales growth at $8 ROAS from ads alone in the first year.
  • • A total of 261% sales growth at $6.9 roas in 2 years.
  • • Amazon raised the required CPC for placement by 100+%, the brand still had their most profitable year.
  • • $1M in sales spend handled in the year 2023, with $6.5M in sales.

Top Challenges

2022: The brand has a 300+ products ranging from 3ft, all the way upto 200ft in variety of colors and types of extension cords. The campaigns were then advertised and sorted to put them in budget baskets based on product cvr and weekly orders and advertised further based on the data. Regular assessment and reporting was necessary to keep the growth going and funnel effective.



2023: A sudden high CPC increase by amazon. This category had to suffer over a 100% cpc increase to gain product page and rest of search placements. 

For Top of search placements, the number was 200+% . This required an equal amount of advertising budget increase which needed to be alloted with a lot of scrutiny, a total of over $1M+ in ad spend in 2023 and $6.5M+ sales were generated, Out of this $1M spend, only 1% was wasted spend.

Amazon Seller Central

Utilize Amazon Seller Central for seamless management of your online store.
From inventory tracking to customer interactions, our virtual assistants empowers you
to optimize operations and drive sales on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Brands We Work With

Benefits of Hiring Us

Delegate your workload to us for efficient, expert handling. Empower your team by entrusting tasks to our skilled professionals, fostering collaboration, and promoting accountability. Focus on strategic priorities while we ensure timely, high-quality results. Experience the benefits of streamlined processes and enhanced productivity with our dedicated Virtual Assistant services.

Full-Time Dedicated Employee

Unlock unparalleled efficiency by hiring a virtual assistant full-time, part-time, or hourly. Enjoy immediate benefits like time-savings, cost-savings and streamlined operations.

Our virtual assistants are an ongoing commitment, ensuring efficiency and reliability, with quick & seamless integration into your team for long-term business success. Explore a new era of productivity.

Increase Productivity
Clear Conscience
Professional Reporting
Super Delegation

Amazon Seller Central VA - Brands

We care about our Team, our Clients, and their team. Enjoy your holidays with work colleagues, and let CalDigits’ team work on your behalf ensuring there are no missed opportunities.



You can also Super Delegate the work of people on long holidays so they can enjoy their peaceful and relaxing vacation without a care in the world and recharge.


We offer upto 14 days of Super Delegation which comes as a extra optional add on with all the plans, just give us a 2 weeks heads up so we can understand and strategize properly.

Services Offered

Seller Central

An Amazon Seller Central Expert’s Services include and are not limited to:

• Keyword Research

• Create and Optimize SKUs

• Account Health Management

• Promotions and Deals

• FBA and Order Processing

• Bulksheet Updates

• Compliance and Policy Adherence

• Fix Suppressed Listings

• Amazon Seller Central Case Handling

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Ad Console

An Ad Console Expert is an expert in finding the sweet spot between visibility, CPC and ROAS. Services include and are not limited to:

• Keyword Research

• Sponsored Ads creation and       Optimization

• Strategy building

• Maintain Budget

• Competitor Research

• Brand Analytics & Market             Share analysis

• Bulksheet Updates

• Compliance and Policy Adherence

• Amazon Ad Console Case Handling

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A Full stack Expert has an all around knowledge of Amazon and are often in positions of managers. Services include and are not limited to:

All the services in Seller Central & Ad Console

• Account Strategy

• Data analysis

• Reporting & Presentation

• Team Management and Policy     Adherence

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Full Team/ Custom

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A Risk Free
Business Analysis

The Business Analyst will be responsible for working directly with the product managers to analyze data, conclude, and deliver appealing and valuable data insights in the form of numerous reports and dashboards to the Customer Experience team member.

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