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SEO enhances website visibility, optimizing content for search engines like Google. Keywords, meta tags, and quality content drive organic traffic. Google Analytics tracks website performance, offering insights into user behavior, demographics, and traffic sources. Together, they empower businesses to refine strategies, improve rankings, and understand audience engagement for online success

SEO Services Perfectly Customized to Industry Standards

We craft tailored SEO plans for your business, regardless of the number of keywords involved. Our expertise lies in ranking your keywords effectively, driving high-quality traffic to your website, and ultimately converting those leads into valuable sales for your business.


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Traffic Growth

Keyword Ranking

Performance Metrics

SEO Strategy That Works For You

From Website Audit to Keyword Research

Prior to initiating website SEO, it’s imperative to conduct an audit of your website. Our process involves a comprehensive technical audit to identify any errors or issues your website may encounter. Once the audit is complete, we’ll address and resolve these errors to ensure your website is optimized for search engines and primed for improved performance.

360 Work: SEO to Google Analytics

SEO is vital for directing quality traffic to your website, elevating both quantity and relevance. It also boosts rankings in SERPs. Google Analytics complements SEO, providing insights into user behavior and demographics, crucial for refining strategies and maximizing online impact.

Informative Content

Recognizing that content reigns supreme in SEO, our team of expert copywriters is dedicated to crafting SEO content tailored to your business. This strategic approach not only enhances your online presence but also contributes significantly to achieving outstanding rankings in search engines.

Visitor Growth

Over time, you’ll experience significant growth in your website visitors as a result of our SEO projects. This is the hallmark of Cal Digits’ approach to SEO, where our strategies consistently drive increased high quality traffic that convert to sales and visibility to your website.

Google Analytics

We’ll delve into the data provided by Google Analytics, leveraging valuable insights to develop core strategies aimed at fostering your business growth. This analytical approach forms an integral part of our weekly routine, ensuring ongoing refinement and optimization to drive your business forward.

Innovative Strategies

Our experts craft strategies tailored specifically to your business, drawing from their wealth of experience in devising effective solutions for various industries. Their exceptional skills and dedication ensure that the strategies they create are effective.

Link Building

In our approach to link building, we prioritize acquiring relevant links that are closely aligned with your business niche. Additionally, we engage in guest post outreach as part of our strategy to expand your online presence and authority within your industry.




Reputation Management

We handle all aspects of your business’s online reputation management (ORM), actively working to mitigate any content on the web that may adversely impact your reputation. So Be confident about Your ORM with us.

Advanced Web Marketing Strategies for New Firms

SEO services enhance online sales and visibility of your products and services. They are also a cost-effective solution that consistently promotes your business.

Weekly SEO Report
Regular updated Strategies
Regular link building and guest post outreach

Our Pricing Plans

Explore our straightforward pricing plans tailored to meet your business needs. For customized solutions, feel free to reach out to us.


Basic Plan

This is the basic plan of Caldigits to try out our Core SEO Service

  • 5 Keywords Optimized
  • 3 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
  • 2 Top 3 Ranking Guarantee
  • Website Analysis

Advance Plan

This is the advance plan of Caldigits to try out our Core SEO Service

  • 10 Keywords Optimized
  • 5 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
  • 2 Top 3 Ranking Guarantee
  • Website Analysis

Premium Plan

This is the Premium plan of Caldigits to try out our Core SEO Service

  • 20 Key Words Optimized
  • 10 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
  • 5 Top 3 Ranking Guarantee
  • Website Analysis

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